Insurance Agency Insights Podcast


Episode 9

Acquisition and Due Diligence Mini-Series, Part 1: Insurance Agency Acquisition Financing

Episode 8

Don't Forget Technology as Part of Your Agency Acquisition Due Diligence

Episode 7

How Agency Financing Has Helped Agency Owners, Tales from the AgileCap Archives

Episode 6

The Lending Landscape, part 2, with guest, Mike Wagar, SVP at Westfield Bank

Episode 5

The Lending Landscape, part 1, with guest, Kelly Drouillard, SVP at Live Oak Bank

Episode 4

M & A Insights with guest, Sam Patterson

Episode 3

M & A: The What, Where, When, and How of Acquisitions.

Episode 2

How to work with a lender in times of trouble

Episode 1

What could happen in the insurance agency world over the next several weeks, months, years?

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How to Find an Agency or Book for Sale

Growth is critical to the success of any insurance agency.

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21 Critical Questions to Ask a Lender When Considering an Insurance Agency Business Loan

When you need an insurance agency business loan, finding the right lender is important. Ask these questions to help determine if a particular lender is right for your agency, its financial situation, and your business goals.

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Agency Funding Success: Multiple Acquisitions

CASE STUDY For 60 years, our client – a small town agency – had offered a mix of home, auto …

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