Customized loans for insurance agencies.

Specialty lending created just for agency owners.

Take control of your agency's growth path.

We help agency owners access reliable funding in order to buy, grow and invest in their agencies. While traditional funders can be slow to fund or require extensive paperwork, as a specialty lender, our insurance agency funding is:

Access funds quickly.

From application to fund delivery in 5-7 business days. Now you can grow your agency, hire producers, or acquire another book or agency…fast!

Receive customized terms.

Your dedicated Lending Advisor collects basic business paperwork from you, so we can design a loan that fits your agency’s needs.

Gain a knowledgeable lending partner.

With 20+ years of insurance industry experience, we know how to handle unique funding structures like partner buy-outs.

We’ve helped hundreds of agency owners with funding. We can help you, too.

Even if you don’t fit a traditional lender’s tight credit requirements, or you need to move faster than traditional loan processes, want more flexibility in terms, or require a unique funding structure, we can help. It all starts with a no-pressure conversation with a Lending Advisor.

Our lending process is simple, and our funding is fast.

man on the phone at a computer

Expert consult.

Contact us for an initial conversation with one of our Lending Advisors. We’ll get back to you within 1 business day. Then we’ll get to know your agency, your business plans and your financial needs.

Schedule a Consult Email Us

person typing on a calculator

Simple loan process.

You’ll receive a term sheet from us within 1 business day, outlining the rate, timing, and repayment terms you qualify for. Once you’ve agreed to the terms on your term sheet, we’ll just need some basic financial documents to complete your loan process.

phone screen with laptop screen in background

Quick fund delivery.

Once we receive your financial documents, our streamlined underwriting process begins. Your funds can be in your account in as little as 7 business days, ready to use.


How are we different from other lenders?

For starters, insurance agency lending is ALL WE DO. 

We built our business and we build our loans specifically to serve insurance agencies. 

Our lending requirements, loan terms, and fund delivery are designed with an agency's business structure and funding needs in mind. Our aim is to offer agency owners customized, flexible funding so they can build their business and respond to growth opportunities at every stage of their agency's lifespan.

Compare us with traditional lenders:


SBA Lenders


Minimum FICO




Time in Business

Difficult for startups

2 years

2 years or industry experience

Repayment terms

Up to 25 years

7 - 10 years

2 - 10 years *

Required documents



Simple business documents

Fund delivery

60 - 90 days

60 - 90 days

Term Sheet: 24 hours
Funding: 7 business days

* Terms can be customized for your needs. Rates are determined by the value of your agency and your business and personal credit profiles.

Your funding starts here.

AgileCap always makes fast decisions and offers speedy execution on deals that often times are difficult and cannot be handled by more traditional sources.

Sam Patterson

Springtree Group

AgileCap worked with our commission structure and mediated legal terms, so we could get our loan and add producers to our team.

Travis King

Riskpro Global Partners

AgileCap has been a great company to work with. From day one they took the time to understand my situation and create a plan to make it work for me. AgileCap understands insurance agencies, so they could customize funding to meet my agency’s needs.

Monte Johnson

Monte Johnson Insurance Services Inc.

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