Tools and Loan Calculators

Here are some useful tools if you’re an agency owner and you’re considering building your agency through either acquisition or organic growth. Our Lending Advisors are always available to discuss this with you, or to walk you through these tools as you consider the right growth path for your agency.

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What Borrowers Need to Know About Insurance Agency Loan Terms

When you're looking for a loan for your insurance agency, it's useful to understand loan terms, how they’re set, and what impact they have on your loan.

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Understanding Commission-based Loans for Insurance Agencies

Specialty lenders who work exclusively with insurance agencies know that your book of business, though intangible, has significant value.

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Due Diligence Process

Going through a thorough due diligence process - examining detailed information from the seller regarding agency operations and finances - will ensure that you understand whether an agency would be a good fit for your growth strategy.

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