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Let's build a loan that gets your agency where you want it to be.

Grow your agency faster and smarter with financing that's tailored to your needs.

Funding shouldn't be a barrier to your agency's progress

Do you have a plan to grow your agency?

We speak to a lot of agency owners, and most of them have a vision for how they want to grow their business. What they lack is the funding to make their growth plans happen.

When agency owners go to traditional lenders for funding, they often find the lenders don’t understand insurance agency business, or they require physical assets for collateral which agencies don’t have, or they take too long to close on a loan. 

Sometimes agency owners find that funding from traditional lenders takes so long that it actually interferes with their ability to act on a growth opportunity. 

Agency growth requires a plan and funding that’s fast, flexible and customized to your business goals.

Whatever stage of agency growth you’re in, we can help.

We’re a private, direct lender providing growth funding for insurance agencies. 

In fact, we only work with agency owners, so we know the insurance industry inside and out.

We’re well positioned to be a specialized lending partner and advisor. We close deals that banks can’t or won’t, and we're able to provide funding quickly. We’ve helped plenty of agencies grow their businesses. Talk to us about your plans.

A 30 minute, no-pressure conversation with one of our experienced Lending Advisors will help you see how funding can make growth happen.


Trusted by agency owners for over 25 years.

"AgileCap worked with our commission structure and mediated legal terms, so we could get our loan and add producers to our team."

Property and Casualty, and Employee Benefits firm

"AgileCap just closed a $3MM deal for me in 3 weeks. They don't mess around!"

An AgileCap Broker Partner

"We didn't expect it to be so hard to find an interested lender. Our M&A broker introduced us to AgileCap, and they were exceptional. They funded our loan quickly and efficiently. With a year, we used them again to finance another acquisition. AgileCap is adaptable and responsive."

Recently Closed Deals


Property and Casualty Agency

Use of funds: Acquisition
Business days to fund: 45


General P&C Agency

Use of funds: Acquisition & Refi 
2nd acquisition with AgileCap
Business days to fund: 30


Allstate Agency

Use of funds: Acquisition
Business days to fund: 60

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YOUR agency growth...

What could funding make possible for your agency? Let us help you find out.

In just 7-10 business days, you could have the capital you need in your account, so you can buy, grow, or build your agency.

Hire new producers to increase your sales, kick off a marketing strategy to reach new audiences, buy a book to add product lines, or buy an agency that will bring synergistic growth to your business.

Don’t miss any growth opportunities. Lean on our experience helping agencies get the capital they need to reach their goals. 

Let’s build your loan.


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