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Borrowing for Agency Growth: Understanding Good vs. Bad Debt

Borrowing money for growth can be a winning proposition if you borrow carefully and wisely. Whether it’s acquired for personal …

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Spring Cleaning Your Agency Financials Will Save Time and Money

If you want funding quickly, be sure to prepare your financials before you apply. A wise woodsman who may have …

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Specialty Lenders Provide a Valuable Alternative to Bank/SBA Loans

We all know that traditional bank and SBA-backed loans are the lowest-cost financing options available for small businesses. Banks offer …

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Getting Ready to Grow Your Business? Do Your Due Diligence Before Acquiring an Insurance Agency

Agents have two choices if they want to grow their existing business. They can grow organically, a gradual strategy that …

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Funding Your Agency’s Growth: Equity or Debt?

There is little argument that if you can double your agency’s premium book, the inherent renewal economics will more than double income.

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Impact of Rising Interest Rates on Insurance Agency Loans: Is Now the Time to Apply for 2019 Lending Needs?

Interest rates have slowly risen during 2018 and many experts anticipate the Federal Reserve will further increase rates in 2019.

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Buyer Beware: Does Your Quick Lender Use Predatory Practices?

We’ve recently heard a number of stories about insurance agencies that have used quick lenders to secure fast cash. In …

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Organic vs Acquisition Growth

Every agency has a choice. Will you rely on organic growth alone or take on some risk and debt, in …

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Transitioning from a Captive to Independent Agency

As a captive agent, you enjoy a secure and supportive environment. Your parent company provides office support including HR, marketing, administrative functions and a range of other services. Captive status works well for many agencies but you may be looking for other options.

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Preparing Your Insurance Agency for Acquisition Lending

There are at least two ways to grow your business. You can expand organically over time, adding to your bottom line client-by-client. Or you can grow rapidly through acquisition.

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21 Critical Questions to Ask a Lender When Considering an Insurance Agency Business Loan

When you need an insurance agency business loan, finding the right lender is important. Ask these questions to help determine if a particular lender is right for your agency, its financial situation, and your business goals.

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Agency Funding Success: Multiple Acquisitions

CASE STUDY For 60 years, our client – a small town agency – had offered a mix of home, auto …

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Top 20 Business Books for Insurance Agency Owners

As we approach summer, we thought we’d share some of our favorite business books with you so you can add …

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